State and National Resources

This wildland fire education and outreach resource table provides links to a variety of southeastern and national publications, workshops, trainings, webinars and more. The goal of this table is to provide free public resources that support landscape resiliency, fire adapted communities and a safe, effective wildland fire response in the Southeast through community action.

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Resource Type Organization Contact
Youth Eduction: Natural Inquirer-Fire Activities, Publications US Forest Service
Youth Education: Sparky the Fire Dog Activities, Games National Fire Protection Association
Youth Education: Smokey Bear Activities, Games US Forest Service
Youth Education: Smokey Bear Publications US Forest Service
Youth Education: Smokey Bear Videos US Forest Service
Youth Education: Living with Fire Game Games, Teaching Modules US Forest Service Jane Kapler Smith
Youth Education: Fireworks Educational Program Activities, Games Fireworks: US Forest Service Jane Kapler Smith
Youth Education: Fire Wars- Where Growth Meets Growth Teaching Modules PBS: Nova
Youth & Adult Education: Learn Not to Burn & Remembering When Teaching Modules National Fire Protection Association
Wildfire Risk Assessment Guide for Homeowners in the Southern U.S. Activities, Publications University of Florida Alan Long
Landowner Education: Workshops Workshops East Gulf Coast Plain Joint Venture Amity Bass
Landowner Education: Wildfire Information Publications EDEN-Extension Educator Disastor Network
Landowner Education: Virtual Workshops Webinars Firewise
Landowner Education: Southeastern Wildland Fire Success Stories Success Stories National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Stratagy: Southeastern Region Gary Wood
Landowner Education: GoodFires Website Publications Southern Group of State Foresters
Landowner Education: Forestry Webinar Portal Webinars Southern Regional Extension Forestry Daryl Outlaw
Landowner Education: Firewise Teaching Resources Teaching Modules Firewise
Landowner Education: Firewise Information Events, Maps, News, Publications Firewise
Landowner Education: Changing Roles Publications, Teaching Modules Interface South
Landowner Education Assessments, Media, News Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network
Showing 1-20 of 26 results



Wildland Fire
Any non-structure fire that occurs in the wildland, including prescribed fire, wildfire, and wildland fire use.

National Wildfire Coordinating Group definition
An unplanned, unwanted wildland fire including unauthorized human-caused fires, escaped wildland fire use events, escaped prescribed fire projects, and all other wildland fires where the objective is to put the fire out.

National Wildfire Coordinating Group definition
Prescribed Fire
Any fire ignited by management actions under certain, predetermined conditions to meet specific objectives related to hazardous fuels or habitat improvement. A written, approved prescribed fire plan must exist, and NEPA requirements must be met, prior to ignition.

USDA Forest Service definition
A national program that empowers and supports homeowners to take individual responsibility for protecting their homes against wildfire risk.
Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP)
A mechanism used to address community wildfire risk and usually is a detailed plan catered to specific community needs.

Certified Prescribed Burner
A person who has completed the training and/or other requirements within their state to be afforded protection from a specified degree of liability.